Dj Samu Inkinen aka Fuusio

The core of  Dj Samu Inkinen’s  musical vision is based on multiple layers
of music: 
jazz, soul, funk and house –  often added with some afro beat, latin and world music influences. His sets are always versatile and full of surprises, melting the vibes of different genres and times into one big fusion of overwhelming music. Samu Inkinen is a founding member of the Sonic Reservoir Collective which has been organizing underground events since 2007 in Helsinki, Finland. His recent residencies include Pastor, Why join the navy when you can be a pirate, Navy Jerry, Club Icon at Siltanen, Distanz at mbar and Jazziest at Jazzklubi Monk.

Live mixes

For bookings, demos, promotion material etc. pls contact:

5.12.2024 TBC, Helsinki
20.4.2024 Private party, Helsinki
1.12.2023 Private party, Sokos Hotel Tripla
21.10.2023 Private party, Helsinki
2.9.2023 Private party, Helsinki
3.6.2023 Private party, Helsinki
1.6.2023 Private party, Vantaaa
22.4.2023 Private party, Helsinki
31.12.2022 Private party, Helsinki

13.12.2022 Private party, Villa Åkerblom
9.12.2022 Private party, Scandic Grand Central

29.11.2022 Private party, Tikkurila
25.11.2022 Private party, Helsinki

12.11.2022 Private party, Vallila
14.12.2018 Private party, Teurastamo
8.12.2018 Private party, Stidilä
19.10.2018 Pastor
11.10.2018 Why join the navy when you can be a pirate

28.9.2018 Why join the navy when you can be a pirate
18.8.2018 Pastor
28.4.2018 Pastor
27.4.2018 Why join the navy when you can be a pirate
9.12.2017 Why join the navy when you can be a pirate
8.12.2017 Pastor

15.9.2017 Why join the navy when you can be a pirate
9.6.2017 Why join the navy when you can be a pirate
3.3.2017 Pastor
11.2.2017 Why join the navy when you can be a pirate
30.12.2016 Why join the navy when you can be a pirate
17.12.2016 Navy Jerry's
10.12.2016 Navy Jerry's

25.11.2016 Why join the navy when you can be a pirate
29.10.2016 Why join the navy when you can be a pirate
28.10.2016 Navy Jerry's
22.10.2016 Navy Jerry's

1.10.2016 Pastor
23.9.2016 Why join the navy when you can be a pirate
9.9.2016 Pastor
27.8.2016 Pastor
20.8.2016 Navy Jerry's

11.6.2016 Jazziest, Monk
20.5.2016 Jazziest, Monk
12.5.2016 Adele Sauros Quartet feat. Mikko Innanen, Bar Kapsäkki

23.4.2016 Jazziest, Monk
19.3.2016 Jazziest, Monk
27.2.2016 Jazziest, Monk

12.12.2015 Jazziest, Monk
11.12.2015 Fontti
5.12.2015 Laundry Fiskars
28.11.2015 Fontti
27.11.2015 Fontti
14.11.2015 Jazziest, Monk
6.11.2015 Pressi, Fontti
24.10.2015 Jazziest, Monk
17.10.2015 Adele Sauros Klubi feat.
Verneri Pohjola, Allotria
29.9.2015 mbar
5.9.2015 Fontti
4.9.2015 Distanz, mbar
28.8.2015 Jazziest, Monk
7.8.2015 Konehuone, Ravintolalaiva Katarina
11.7.2015 Jazziest, Monk
26.6.2015 Ravintolalaiva Katarina
30.5.2015 Jazziest, Monk
18.4.2015 Jazziest, Monk
16.4.2015 Icon, Siltanen
11.4.2015 Elektronisen popin klubi, Lavaklubi
21.3.2015 Jazziest, Monk
19.3.2015 Icon, Siltanen
19.2.2015 Icon, Siltanen
31.1.2015 Jazziest, Monk
16.1.2015 Grand Cru, Ahjo

15.1.2015 Icon, Siltanen
5.12.2014 Icon, Siltanen
15.11.2014 Jazziest, Monk
23.10.2014 Icon, Siltanen
18.10.2014 Jazziest, Monk
12.9.2014 Jazziest, Monk
11.9.2014 Icon, Siltanen
5.9.2014 Rakkautta & Anarkiaa
14.8.2014 Distanz, mbar
25.7.2014 Park life, Fanny
11.7.2014 Park life, Fanny
3.7.2014 Distanz, mbar
27.6.2014 Park life, Fanny
15.6.2014 Jazziest, mbar
22.5.2014 Distanz, mbar
11.5.2014 Jazziest, mbar
20.12.2013 Distanz, mbar
22.11.2013 Dynamo Goes Helsinki, Korjaamo
2.8.2013 Distanz, mbar
5.7.2013 Jazziest, mbar
14.6.2013 Distanz, mbar
30.5.2013 Jazziest, mbar
24.5.2013 Distanz, mbar
17.5.2013 Dynamo Goes Helsinki, Korjaamo
19.4.2013 Dynamo Goes Helsinki, Ko
12.4.2013 Distanz, mbar
28.3.2013 Dynamo Goes Helsinki, Korjaamo
22.3.2013 Distanz, mbar
22.2.2013 Dynamo Goes Helsinki, Korjaamo
8.2.2013 Distanz, mbar
11.1.2013 Distanz, mbar
14.12.2012 Jazziest, Korjaamo
5.12.2012 Monk, Turku
9.11.2012 Distanz, mbar
2.11.2012 Jazziest, Korjaamo
12.10.2012 Distanz, mbar
29.9.2012 Dynamo Goes Helsinki, Korjaamo
14.9.2012 Distanz, mbar
18.8.2012 Jazziest, mbar
29.2.2012 Utopian Reality Opening, Reality Research Center

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